Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Challenges Localization Project Services Companies Faces

The best strategy to implement successful translation in localization projects is to hire a qualified project manager. The professional team working under him will make all possible efforts to create genuine traffic and maximize the reach towards potential customers.


People who are new to the field of document translations, software translations and website translation are not able to shoulder sincere responsibility required in this field. As a result the content created and developed does not match the client’s basic requirements and the situation is of complete failure. Here we will discuss 5 major challenges in this field.

Incomplete Source File and Quotation

The most basic requirement of the translation project is the quotation    submission. That has a full detailed word count of the translation. The basic requirements under this are full detailed requirement of content, graphic files. Many instances have been noted where incomplete source file submission has resulted in wrong translations.

Submitting Documents That Don’t Need Translation

Clients often submit a directory of files that are not in need of translations. This situation frustrates the language service provider. This situation can even be a result of scarcity of time. When useless documents are submitted for the translation it is said to be a complete wastage of time besides the wastage of resources also occurs.

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Lack of Translation Memory

Clients often forget to give the translation memory of the project created in earlier versions. Though it is difficult to submit the translation memory but the translation provider will surely ask you for the memory. You can easily trust Localization Project Services Manager for this specific task. But beware of the extra charges that can be even asked for.

The Time Support System

Some clients are in great hurry to find the completion of the project as soon as possible. So they create a lot of pressure to produce the desired results in the short notice period. This can be really dangerous for the company’s reputation as it can lead to inaccurate results.

The Rush Translation Projects

To complete any of the projects in very short period will obviously take additional costs and resources. But remember before investing in such situations make a clear cut communication with project head. The communication must include the terms, conditions, time investment, financial investment and other factors that are necessary to be undertaken. This will help the project manager to strategize plans accordingly.

Resource: http://www.tridindia.com/services/project-services/

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How Do Language Testing Services Help You Hire Right Talent

An organization’s success is majorly dependent on the potential and talent of its workforce. In the absence of one, it can witness a sharp downfall. Hence, it is for sure that a business man must invest a considerable amount of his resources in hiring the right talent. But often, the entrepreneur seems to be lacking of much time to be invested in recruiting, selecting and hiring the right candidate. Also, when it comes to hiring a language expert, the hiring process gets even more difficult. This is because the language professionals need to be tested on different parameters that prove to be Herculean task for the employers. This is where professional Language Testing Services come into play.

Motto of Such Services

The ultimate aim or motto of these services can be defined as under – 

  • To help employers hire the perfect language professional
  • To assess the capabilities and potentials of the prospective candidates
  • To judge the candidate on his/ her bilingual or multilingual abilities
  • To help an organization match a vacant position with different language masters for different job roles – physicians, nurse practitioners, customer service representatives, personal bankers, sales representatives, law enforcement officers etc.

Kinds of Tests

As mentioned above, these services aim towards judging the skills and abilities of a language professional. Hence, to make sure that you hire the right talent, these services involve different types of tests, such as –

a) Written Test

As the name suggests, this test is conducted to assess the writing ability of the candidate in your target language. 

b) Reading, Speaking and Listening Test

This test judges the reading, speaking and understanding skills of the candidate. It analyzes how well the candidate can read, speak or understand the source as well as the target language.

c) Translation Test

This is the most important test that is conducted to ensure that the translation skills of the candidate are in line with your expectations. Thus, the professional corporate language testing services basically analyze how well the translator can translate a given text or file into the target language and vice versa.

d) Interpretation Test

Interpretation test verifies if the candidate is talented enough to conduct different types of interpretation between two or more parties, speaking source and target language.

So, this way you get access to the right talent and be assured that your company’s pillars (workforce) are strong enough to handle any difficult wave coming their way.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

English Translation You Can’t Avoid While Learning

It doesn’t matter which nice you point out, there are going to be thousands of blogs in that niche. There is some sort of information overload going on in most of the niches. Luckily translation is one of those fields in which there are quite less blogs ( because in other niches people are heavily spamming ). However we care about language and our content ; Hence we don’t spam. Our aim is to create nice, elegant and high quality blogs.

This is because blogging is tough, very tough indeed. 9 out of the 10 blogs made don’t survive even for 6 months after creation. There are several blogs run by No. 1 English Language Translation Company in India which run successfully and produce awesome content. Apart from that, there are several blogs that are doing quite well in the Translation industry. If you are a translator, you might find them interesting and worth reading or subscribing.

Adventure in freelance translation : The first in the list comes none other than Catherine’s adventure blog. She writes about her experience in the translation field ( as the name also suggests ). There are several points which she highlights and are worth noticing. Below are what she has to say to her fellow translators :

Be Professional; but make sure you have fun in what to do.

Always share your knowledge and experience on social media with other translators.

One of the best parts of her blog is the “weekly fav.” Section, which is a part of “sharing is caring” which is one of the core values of her business. She has maintained a decent blog which every translator should read

Translation Times : Another nice and decent blog in the translation niche. This is maintained and ran by two twin sisters. They however focus on the entrepreneurial focus and mindset for work.

They have even written a complete book about it which is pretty awesome to read for any one who wants to pursue his carrier in the translation field. According to the sisters, they say that if anyone asks for an advice about becoming translator most of the people reply with saying that get a CV and mention your experiences on it. On their blog you would a heap of articles and if you are about to dive into this carrier, it would be very inspiring as well.

Thoughts on translation :
A blog by very well known French to English translator , Corinne Mckey. Her blog is very simple, clean and elegant. Although you shouldn’t judge it by looks, it has several informative posts which would surely help. There is also a section for thoughts on translation in English Language Translation Company. Where they publish quality blog posts on translation.

Conclusion : There is sufficient information for any topic, provided that someone really wants to learn.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Qualities of Professional Russian Interpreter

United states is one of those nations who are proud to be made of immigrants. The number of those who speak in language other than English but can also speak English has rose up to 10% of the total population. According to an act, more than 10 million people are liable for receiving insurance and health services. Therefore the need for professional and talented interpreter is growing dramatically. 

According to professors most of the people who are called up to Interpret do not meet the quality as expected. Hence there is a need for people who can serve up as professionals in this field like Russian Interpreters Agencies in Mumbai .But the question stands, up what actually are professional interpreter ?

Language Skills

This is one of the most often mentioned skill, but still majority of the people don’t realize and understand the importance and up to what extent knowledge and vocabulary are needed for his own native language. According to a professional as an interpreter, you are needed to be able to be expressing yourself comfortably in many different registers & have access to broad vocabulary as well.

Just growing up and speaking a specific language doesn’t automatically make you an expert in that you language and give you skills for that language. If anything like this happened, there won’t be any schools teaching languages specifically.


If you are working up as Interpreter, you have to be comfortable using two interpreting methods – consecutive and simultaneous. First one means modality which is performed by interpreters of voidance, and this requires waiting until the speaker has paused.


One must be efficient in both the skills mentioned above. Having a strong vocabulary doesn’t employ you will not forget words. You should consistently practice them as well.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Key Benefits of Hiring a French Translator

Majority of us just hit up the Google translator when we need something to be translated into another language. Although it is convenient to use and comes at no cost to us, but it is like junk food; which can’t be an alternative to a professional French translator. However instead of doing things the professional way, people love to do it in the conventional way, which sometimes leads to disappointing results. If you only need to know what a word means in another language, or need to translate a word or two, then these automated services like Google translate would work fine.

But when it comes to translating big chunks of data such as documents, legal reports etc, you should hire someone who is professional in this sort of task; there are many options, like you can get French translation services in Delhi done by professionals. Automated translators can’t understand the sophistication of the language and thus fail to replicate a meaning. This can be pretty harmful for you if you want to increase your company’s exposure in place where the native language is French. At that point of time, you would need a professional to help you out. If you aren’t yet convinced, below are the key benefits of why you should hire a translation expert.

1. Avoids misinterpretation of meanings of words. There can be more than one meaning of a word. If there is any such word in your document it would be tricky for the computer to pick up the right word to be used. Especially if you are translating to or from English/Hindi, where words sometimes have three to four meanings. Not being able to select the correct word destroys the complete feeling of the sentence.

2. Ensures that sentences made are both socially and politically appropriate. If your document has a mistake like “Sun rises from the west”, automated translators would not catch it and would translate it as it is, making the translated version carry the wrong meaning as well. However a professional translator would easily pick up this mistake and make appropriate corrections. Just like this mere example, there can be several instance where only professional translators can decide what decision to take.

3. Confidentiality

Sometimes people need to get their legal reports and sensitive matter translated. We all know that majority of the automated translators trap and save data for later use, which means that your data can be at risk. Confidentiality is one of the features offered by French translation services in Delhi. These agencies ensure that your privacy isn’t hurt.


These were the benefits that are associated with using a professional manual translator instead of automated alternatives such as Google Translate.

Monday, 7 March 2016

4 Fruitful Tricks to Make English Translation Productive Today

These days, if you talk about English as a global language, you might get an apt answer even from a school going kid. Such is the importance of English. Every child knows how important this language is, in today’s world. Hence, it would be needless to describe the scope and status of English as an ultimate professional and business language. Many a times, it happens that this language serves as a bridge between two parties. Hence, this is one of the most translated languages among all the other languages. But, do you think that for a business owner, simply translation of the language is enough? Actually, the quality factor also counts.

While outsourcing translations, you can actually make sure that the translation is qualitative enough to become productive and revenue generating for you.

This is how –

1. Previous Translation Examples

Since it is about meeting your business goals, hence, you should be aware about your expectations from the translation. For this, provide some previous examples of translated text to your service provider. Choose from a comprehensive English language translation company list and hire the most reputed one. After the service provider is chosen, provide the translation examples and explain your quality expectations.

2. Lead Translators and Reviewers

For a qualitative translation, it is important on your part to keep close contact with the translators and reviewers. Guide them with the brand guidelines. A clear idea of your brand message or guidelines will help them to translate and review the text with utmost perfection. Further, this working relationship will end up in providing quality satisfaction.

3. Contact Project Manager with Quality Content

Just like the translators and reviewers, the project manager also plays an important role in assuring the quality of translation. Make contact with the project manager and have a regular communication about the translation, its quality and its procedure. You should be aware the regular status of the translation task. Further, do not forget to provide a quality source content to the project manager, as otherwise the translation will not be qualitative.

4. Don’t Make Haste

Often, it is seen that the business owners keep asking for the final translated text again and again. They ask the service provider to deliver the assignment quite early before the estimated time frame. So, if you do this might be deliberately or unconsciously; stop doing this. Such activities will just make the translators frustrated and their frustration will spring up in the quality of translation. Give them proper time to complete the assignment.


Quality can be achieved easily. It’s just you need to be alert, calm and patient. Keep track of all the necessary activities and guidelines that you might have to provide to the translators. Never leave everything on the service provider. Try to put your efforts and contributions in that (obviously, in terms of enquiring about the status of the work).

Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to Localization and Translation Attracts the German Folks

What if someone asks you to imagine a home without mother, a school without teachers, a book without words or a pen without a refill? It is very hard to imagine. Right? Some particular things can never be imagined without their counterpart. The combination of two things is often very essential. One is incomplete without the other. This kind of relationship is even shared between translation and localization. Many people often mistake translation and localization to be the same thing. However, it is not true. Translation is converting a language of the source text into the language of the target audience. Localization, on the contrary, is the adaptation into the target culture.

Germany, being the center for varied small and medium enterprises, attracts a number of investors to invest into one or another industry. Thus, the investors or say, the businesses employ varied types of techniques to attract the German folks. However, a simplest way to lure the German audience is translation and localization.

Here are some ways through which translation and localization helps in customer attraction:

1. Brand Message

Every brand has a short message for its potential customers. Thus, translating that message becomes an essential task for the businesses. Further, localizing the message adds a cultural touch to it. Thus, most of the German translation services in Mumbai are rendered with correct translation and localization of the text.

2. Purchasing Behaviors

These two activities help you understand the purchasing behavior of the targeted customers. What are the factors that attract the German customers to make a purchase, how often do they purchase, what are their likings and disliking; everything can be known through translation and localization.

3. Security Measures

During online shopping, the customers require some sort of security and privacy concerns in mind. They do not often prefer to buy from a new online retailer or wholesaler. Thus, while localizing the website, the experts make sure that everything is in tandem with the user preferences. The website is adapted (to the target locale) in such a manner that the customers gain trust over the brand.

4. Product Info

Every buyer likes to read detailed product information and that too in their own language. This is the reason why the information should be precisely translated and localized. With such information, the chances of the customers to visit your site and buy the product, increases.

Attracting the target audience can be very smooth, if quality translation and localization becomes your ally. So, indulge into these two activities and keep targeting your customers with new ideas and products each time.